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About Us

We are a team that is full of commitment and are very passionate about improving the transport sector
by creating an app that enhances the process of transportation in Uganda.

Our story

Because of the heavy street conjestion especially during rush hours, we sat down and came up with an idea that would help to reduce the number of people who spend more time waiting for vehicles to take them home, to work or anywhere around the country. We created an app the enables a user to request for a ride at the comfort of their seat. With this kind of solution, we had to make sure that our solution addresses the following issues.

  • Users taking the same route can share the same ride.
  • Users can specify whether they have luggage or not.
  • Ensure that all transactions are cashless.

We decided to come up with a digital solution so as to help us address the issues that we found.

Product Featuress


Manage your online and offline states by changing your state of availability at any time.

Set Route

You have the option to set the pick-up and drop-off points for your next trip.

Manage your vehicle(s)

With this app, you can manage the data for your vehicles in the most reliable and friendly way at any time of your convenience.

Manage transactions

As a client, you can add credit to your wallet to enable you request for a ride. And as a driver, you have the option to withdraw money from your wallet.

More Features

Get to know more about our app features.


All operations performed by our apps require a registered or authenticated user to enable identity between both users.

Manage your profile

You can view your profile or the details you provided at registration and you also have the option of making changes to those details.

View your identity

You can always view your registered National Identity card details and the Driver's License details.

Get in touch

Our support team is ready to provide you with all the necessary help you need. So feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to the most common questions from our subscribers or those who wish to subscribe for our services.

  • All you need to do is click the 'get it on google play store' button at the beginning of this page, download the app, create an account and get started. Or you can go to play store, search for 'twalako', and proceed by downloading the app.

  • All you have to do is top-up your wallet before you can request for a ride, your money will be automatically transfered to the driver wallet after the ride has been completed.

  • Simply navigate to the contact us page whose link can be found in the side menu. There are multiple options where you can send an email, give us a call or get in touch through our social media handles.

  • Yes, that is possible, since the primary reason why twalako was created was to reduce on the number of people who suffer waiting for transport services that are not enough to cater for the available population.

  • Simply go to google play store and search for 'twalako driver', download the app and create your account. Or you may navigate to the become a driver section on this page and click the 'get it on google play store' button to download the app and create your account to begin offering driver services.

  • You have the option to withdraw money from your wallet at any time of your convenience since your wallet is credited immediately the trip has been completed.

Become a driver

Do you want to earn money by simply sharing your ride with other people. Grab the opportunity now and download the app to get started.

Why Twalako

At Twalako, our main priority is to ensure that you transport or are transported comfortably with people you can trust and at affordable prices.

A108 Adam Street
Kampala, Uganda


+256 772 122 640

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